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Training Classes

Want to gain some technical knowledge and increase your skills? All classes are offered at the same facility at the times specified in the description on the right. Mouse over the name of a class to see the schedule and a description in the section on the right.

Computer Basics: Hardware

This class is the first step of understanding what parts make up a computer and how these parts relate to and interact with one another to function as a unit. At the end of this class you will be able to take apart a computer and put it back together again and you will understand what each part is and what it is used for.

Computer Basics: Software

This is the second step of understanding how computers work. This class teaches you how software such as an operating system functions as well as the software applications installed within. After this class you will be able to install and remove computer programs as well as wipe a computer out and restore the operating system.

Networking: Basics

Learn about computer networking and how devices communicate with each other across a network and the internet. By the end of this class you will be able to build a small network and perform basic diagnostics for connectivity issues.


Learn about workstations and their place in today's networks. Learn tips and tricks to speed things up or change settings you never dreamed even existed.

Servers and Technology

This class explains the need of servers in our world today and what they are used for. Learn about the different roles of a server and how these roles can improve the performance or capabilities of our computers and devices.

Intro to Software Development

If you are interested in software development, but you don;t know much about computers or where to get started, this class is for you.

Current Technology

This is a basic lesson on current technology. Gain an understanding of things like the internet, computerized devices, and WiFi, and learn how these things work together. Learn about the newest trends in technolgy and how it may change our lives in the near future.

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